About Us at DK Motorsports

DK Motorsports is your local Richmond spot for top-end luxury and exotic vehicles, hypercars and so much more, if you’re looking for a high-end specialty vehicle, you’ll find it at our luxury dealership. We’re a brand-new dealership, fresh on the scene since September 2022, here to treat the Richmond area with their one-stop shop for their dream vehicle. Whichever vehicle you’ve pictured yourself driving, we can source it for you. Not only will you rule the streets in a vehicle that will truly turn heads, but we also regularly rent racetracks across B.C. so you can truly enjoy your vehicle at its peak ability. Luxury and exotic vehicles still require service, and our certified mechanic centre will ensure your vehicle always stays in top shape. Ready to shop for the literal vehicle of your dreams? Browse our inventory, and contact us to get the vehicle you were destined to drive.